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TBND 3 - page 13
TBND 3 - page 13

April 28th, 2009, 6:09 pm


It would appear that some of the viewers elsewhere on the internet (Live Journal and Fur Affinity) have been a little bit upset by the current turn of events in TBND and Jack's decisions.

Love is a complicated thing. Jack, Tom and Colt are all making decisions based on their own hearts and experiences. We can hope for a happy ending but currently, I'm just seeing where the story takes me.

Feel free to drop me a personal e-mail or any questions at art-of-angyl@hotmail.co.uk about the story if there's something you want to see happen...

Updates should continue as a Monday regular now, and I'll be doing my best to stick to that barring ill health, technical difficulties, freak weather and cattle.

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